the bad mom blog – Just a blog about being a mom and being mostly bad at it.

Just a blog about being a mom and being mostly bad at it.

Hello There

La-da-da-da-dahh  It’s the mother fuckin’ BMB. You know, I’m mobbin’ with the BMB … If you didn’t read that as snoop dogg, you’ll probably hate this blog.

*** note BMB = bad mom blog. Not sure if that was obvious or not…. 

Okay, now that, that’s over — welcome all humans to the madness that is this blog.  I started this blog because I’m tired of reading about and trying to be that perfect mom. I know I never will be. And that’s actually okay. If not better than okay. I love my little adorable and fucking annoying kids more than life itself and that’s all I need to know to be okay. 

This is my honest blog, about my honest life and my not so perfect family.

I’m a working mom with little kids and a busy life that doesn’t fully revolve around them (shocking!). My kids rarely behave, mostly fight with each other, and won’t take a “normal” picture to save their lives. But god dammit, they are the best little things ever created. They were created by me, so how could they not be the best.

You can check out my about me page to see some random things about me and my crazy life.

Make sure to check out my really bad blog posts and then contact me to give me feedback, comments, jokes, anything.

Oh, and thank you for stopping by! Hope you enjoy my shit.